Twice Dice (Pair)


twice 1

twice 1

twice 6

twice 6

The actual dice may differ in colour and shape from those shown above. See the illustrations on the left and detailed product description below.



One of these dice has an extra 6 instead of a 1, and the other has an extra 1 instead of a 6. The extra number is on the opposite face to its double, so they are never visible at the same time. Only a close examination will give the game away.
This small change makes a huge difference. Out of 36 throws, you can expect the Double Six to win 26 times, draw 4 times, and lose only 6 times. Great for students of the laws of probability ……. and cheats!

Available in standard Western-style (16mm, white, black spots, rounded corners).
The large red variation can be made to order (36mm, red, white spots, rounded corners).
We no longer sell the Asian-type variation seen on the right-hand side of the main illustration.

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