Pooch Poop Pouch




Don’t be caught out when Rover is caught short. Take a handmade leather Pooch Poop Pouch with you and you’ll always have some bags available.

There are two sizes – the little pouch holds two bags while the large pouch holds up to ten bags. Depending on which size you choose, you can attach it to your dog’s lead or collar, your keyring, mobile phone, belt loop, or anywhere else that assures it will be handy when required.

The pouches come pre-filled with ‘nappy sacks’ (‘sometimes called ‘diaper sacks’) which are cheap and easily available from the babycare section in your supermarket. If you prefer to use some other type of bag, the number you can fit in will depend on their size. Pooch Poop Pouch is easy to refill. Load them into the pouch one at a time, sealed end first, by pressing them in with your thumb. They will compress into a surprisingly small space. Here is a demonstration video:

This ingenious, original design is handmade from strong leather in the Highlands of Scotland. The pouches are available in black leather only. Other colours in photo will become available when I can get the leather.

Choose from two sizes : Little Pooch Poop Pouch (holds 2 bags) Large Pooch Poop Pouch (holds 10 bags)

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