opposites not seven


opposites not seven

opposites not seven

The actual dice may differ in colour and shape from those shown above. See the illustrations on the left and detailed product description below.



‘Everybody knows’ that the opposite sides of a die add up to seven, so wouldn’t it be handy to have one that doesn’t?
Used in conjunction with a similar looking regular dice (available elsewhere on this site), there are many ways a magician can exploit this situation.

This one has opposite sides: 1/5 ; 2/4 ; 3/6. It looks normal when viewed from the 1,2,3 corner or the 4,5,6 corner.

Available in standard Western-style (16mm, white, black spots, rounded corners).
The large red variation can be made to order (36mm, red, white spots, rounded corners).
We no longer sell the Asian-type variation seen on the right-hand side of the main illustration.

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