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The actual dice may differ in colour and shape from those shown above. See the illustrations on the left and detailed product description below.



The Odd Thrower always throws an odd number because it only has 1s, 3s and 5s on it. The duplicated numbers are on opposite sides to each other, and since only 3 sides of a cube can be seen at any one time, the die will appear normal whichever angle it is viewed from. The Even Thrower is the opposite of the Odd Thrower. This one always throws an even number because it only has 2s, 4s and 6s on it.

These dice are useful to:
Magicians who want to ‘force’ a predictable outcome.
Backgammon players.
Players of the dice game Odd or Even (obviously!)
Tricksters in general as an additional method of dice manipulation.

Available in standard Western-style (16mm, white, black spots, rounded corners).
The large red variation can be made to order (36mm, red, white spots, rounded corners).
We no longer sell the Asian-type variation seen on the right-hand side of the main illustration.

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