Funky Fish




These handmade leather fish assemble to make a beautiful wristband. The tail of one becomes the fins of the next to form a ring of interlinked fish swimming around your wrist. Join as many as you need to make a perfect fit, then use the two press-stud fish to join the ends. The wristband is reversible. It makes a great gift for girls and boys, young and old.

The leather is strong and resilient. You can take the fish apart to re-arrange the colours, or to make other things. Jazz up your pen or pencil with 2 intertwined fish. Link 4 together and turn them inside out to make a very unusual ring. Funky Fish are for FUN!

Each set contains 14 fish including the 2 with press studs. If you join them all together, you can make a chain 28 cm (11 inches) long, more than enough to go round the biggest wrist. How about joining 2 sets together to make an eye-catching necklace or headband?

Full instructions are included with Funky Fish, including a link to this video of the fish being joined together:

There are four colour choices available:
pink, aqua, and purple
aqua, brown, and green
blue and yellow